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South Florida Born and Raised 99 Goonsquad is known by their hardcore fans for keeping the party attitude going and the dance floor moving. Creating their own unique sound, performance style, and mixing skills using the latest professional boards, These Identical Twins known as Julian and Jovani Jara have been creating original music and remixes for years and able to give all clubs or venue attendees what they want, a custom tailored open-format with every genre ranging from House, hip-hop, Latin, electro, and latest trends of music.

     99 Goonsquad is not only know for their music, but funny creative youtube videos with over 250K followers, their Live streaming shows to tens of thousands of fans and viewers daily on platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, and Younow, and their more than half a million instagram followers and twitter followers always keeping them up to date on where they can meet them next. Their very outgoing personalities making it very easy to have a good time.

They have also worked with major brands like MTV, Best Buy, Universal Studios, Netflix, Starbucks, and many more. 99 Goonsquad is featured in a Documentary chosen and won an award by Sundance Film Festivals in Feb 2019, portraying themselves. The film is called Jawline scheduled to be released in April on Hulu. 99 Goonsquad is one of the featured artists in the film. It’s about Social media influencers who started online and have become successful in their careers. It’ a film three years in the making.


99 Goonsquad has performed for Venues in both Europe and USA. With acts like Roadtrip. They have been supporting acts to other Djs’s like Ookay recently in Club Space, as well as various clubs in the big cities of the United States and Canada. Always creating a unforgettable, high energy and fist pumping show for any and every occasion. We look forward to working with you.



99 gOONSQUAD  at Sundance Film Festival 2019. They attended the premiere of Jawline. A Documentary film which won an award and is being released on Hulu in mid 2019. It follows 99 Goonsquad and another Social Media Star for three years, filming all their performances , shows,and ups and dpwns on their rise to success. 

99 GOONSQUAD  was featured in the news on Feb 4, 2016. We were featured in a segment called teen idols. It was to show other teens that Amercian Idol isn't the only way for teens to live out their dreams. You can use social media to make a connection with others. This story aired on the main newscast on Fox News WSVN Channel 7 at 10:00 pm. Re aired on their morning show every hour from 5am-9am.

We shared our story of how we are looking to inspire and motivate teens to become successful and live out their dreams. We talk about how thankful we are for all of our goonsquad family and how we bond together and grow together in our journey.